Djilas: SNS took over TV stations Prva i O2, broadcasting content that is offensive to opposition leaders

The head of the Alliance of Serbia, Dragan Djilas assessed today that the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) control TV stations Prva and O2,  and as evidence for this, he quoted the broadcast of a video of that SNS aired on those two TV stations that was offensive to the opposition leaders and citizens who protested .

Djilas stated in a written statement that the day after the protest in Belgrade, TV Prva broadcast the video in question which was said to cost close to 100,000 euro.

“Aleksandar Vucic gave the money he got from embezzling Telekom Serbia to Srdjan Milovanovic so he can purchase TV stations Prva and O2. This became absolutely clear today,” Djilas wrote, adding that the broadcasting a clip with political content went against the law because election has not been called as yet.

Last night, the Serbian Progressive Party posted on its website, its social media and YouTube a clip where the opposition leaders Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic, as well as the protesters were ridiculed and mocked.

Djilas adds that, in the video titled “Shame on you! Djilas’ people bring gallows to Terazije”, SNS is accusing the opposition that it had staged an incident where certain individuals brought the gallows with them to the protest. Djilas has publicly renounced this act, calling it “a deliberate provocation”.

Djilas also said that the new co-owner of the Kopernikus Company, Srdjan MIlovanovic “is obviously behind this ghastly propaganda, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Zeljko Mitrovic (owner of TV Pink)”.

The picture of the gallows that was allegedly carried by the protesters during the last protest appeared on social media last night. In reaction, Djilas wrote on his Twitter account:”

On the social networks, a picture of a hangman appeared, allegedly from a protest that was held in Belgrade last night, and Djilas wrote on his Twitter account:“We have a message for those people who are trying to ruin dignified protests by having provocateurs infiltrating among the protestors and carrying the gallows – you are not going to succeed in portraying this better Serbia as a nation that disseminates hate. You should look for those people on the opposing side.”

(Nova Ekonomija, 03.02.2019)


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