Djilas rails against SNS election campaign

Collaborators of the mayoral candidate, Dragan Djilas have appealed to the prosecutors to react to children being misused for political purposes in nurseries in the Belgrade quarter of Vracar.

They also want the directors of these nurseries to be held responsible too.

As they say, a candidate from the election list ‘Aleksandar Vucic – Because We Love Belgrade’, a popular actor and the owner of a children’s theatre, Branko Milicevic, a.k.a. Branko Kockica, has been giving out free tickets for his theatre plays to children in the nurseries Fica, Mica and Acim and Guliver. The only condition is that children come with their parents to watch the plays, prior to which one of the leaders of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would address them.

“This kind of behaviour goes against Serbian legislation, and every international document that regulates children rights and bans the use of children for political purposes”, the associates of Dragan Djilas say.

The people working on Djilas’ election campaign also claim that SNS has been regularly bothering people in public enterprises in Belgrade, as well as elderly people in nursing homes.

“The SNS activists are coming to people’s doors and ringing their bell up to a dozen times, and they are calling them on their mobile phones. However, the campaign that the SNS and Branko Milicevic have been conducting in Belgrade’s nurseries is the most inappropriate of them all”, the press release reads.

(Nedeljnik, 07.02.2018)

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