Djilas presents Serbia 2020 programme – Confirms his party will boycott the election

The president of the Freedom and Justice party (Sloboda i Pravda), Dragan Djilas said that the Alliance for Serbia coalition will not participate in the next parliamentary elections and adds that the reason for lowering the electoral threshold to %3 is quite clear now.

“There are as many as 32 political parties in the Parliament and 21 independent members. Some people think that the 3% threshold serves to boost democracy because we are going to have more small parties entering the parliament. Let’s not be fooled. Everyone knows what this is about,” Djilas said at a press conference.

At the public presentation of his party’s Serbia 2020 programme Djilas said that the plan implies that in six months, when Vucic is no longer in power, life in Serbia will be better and more dignified and that all of that could happen this year: “No matter what Vucic says, our idea is centred around improving Serbia in six months.”

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Djilas also said that citizens can trust him because he is not only involved in politics, but he also achieved notable results as an entrepreneur and a mayor, and nobody could accuse him of not doing his job properly as the mayor of Belgrade even though some of his intentions were not taken into account by the democratic government in power at that time.

In presenting the plan, he also pointed out that approximately EUR 2 billion from the state budget is being misspent.

According to him, immediately after the removal of Vucic from power, doctors in Serbia will receive a basic salary of EUR 1,000 instead of the current 650, while teachers will have a basic salary of EUR 700. Textbooks and free meals will be given to students, a monthly allowance for the people over 70 years of age who have no income, and a higher budget for culture will be assured.

The plan, among other things, envisages reducing payroll taxes to 54%. Despite the fact that this will reduce the state budget revenue by EUR 600 million per year, due to lower taxes, Serbian products will be significantly cheaper and therefore more competitive.

An additional EUR 400 million of the budget revenue would come from increasing excise duties on cigarettes by 50%, taxing casinos and increasing the taxation of betting shops.

(Danas, 15.01.2020)




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