Djilas: “Opposition at 42%, SNS at 38% of electorate support”

The president of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Dragan Djilas, said today that “the entire opposition in Serbia has the support of 42% of the citizens while the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has 38%”.

Commenting on the results of the poll conducted by the Ipsos agency, according to which the SNS party has 58% of the votes and the SSP 3.8%, Djilas ironically said that it is a “great success for his party to cross the electoral threshold for the first time” in a poll.

“We have already sent an official protest to Ipsos Europe regarding this poll. At the moment, the SNS has 38% of electorate support, the SPS has 7%, Sapic 3% and the entire opposition 42%,” Djilas said.

He did not want to answer the question of how many citizens support the SSP because, as he said, this would lead to bad relations within the opposition and added:

“I think everyone sees that the SSP is the strongest opposition party, but the important thing is how much all the parties, movements and organisations, that are against this government, have in total.”

Asked about the opposition’s divisions over the form in which it will participate in the continuation of dialogue with the government on election conditions, Djilas said all opposition parties have the same demands from the authorities, but not the same idea on how to pursue them.

(, 05.04.2021)


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