Djilas: “It’s a lie that Eurostat considers Serbia the best economy in Europe”

The leader of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dragan Djilas, said that the statement made by the Minister of Finance, Sinisa Mali, that Eurostat considers Serbia the best European economy, is false because Serbia is not even ranked by Eurostat in that respect.

“In his statement, he (Mali) only confirmed our suspicion that Eurostat’s data are prepared by Miladin Kovacevic (Director of the Serbian Statistics Office) under Mali’s ordered”, said Djilas, adding that such comparisons (between economies) are meaningless.

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Djilas also underlined that because of the false statements made by the Minister of Finance, people are neither happier nor less poor, but “will only leave Serbia faster”.

Sinisa Mali said earlier that the latest Eurostat data confirmed that the country’s economic policy was correct, as Serbia had recorded the lowest drop in GDP in the whole of Europe in the third quarter of this year.

(Danas, 15.11.2020)

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