Djilas: ‘It is not currently possible to form a government in Belgrade’

Opposition leader Dragan Djilas told reporters that he told President Aleksandar Vucic that fresh elections are the only way to resolve the political crisis in the Serbian capital.

“I came to tell Aleksandar Vucic that the citizens of Belgrade what a change of power,” he told reporters outside the Serbian Presidency building. Djilas said that he went into the meeting with a desire to ease tension and a warning of unforeseeable consequences. Djilas said that the president heard him out and said that he would talk to his party and voice a stand by the end of the week.

“Only fresh elections can resolve the political crisis in Belgrade. I see no other solution,” Djilas said.

He said the meeting was difficult for both of them. “We did not achieve a high level of agreement today,” he said.

According to Djilas, Vucic said that his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) has 60 won seats on the Belgrade City Assembly. The opposition claims 55 seats in the 100 seat city assembly.

(Nova, 11.04.2022)





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