Djilas: “In Belgrade the opposition will win 56% of votes”

The head of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Dragan Djilas, said that talks are underway with coalition partners and non-partisan figures regarding the candidates to be nominated for the highest offices in Belgrade and state, and that in January, these names will be revealed, along with the opposition candidates that will participate in the parliamentary election.  

“Every day we are getting closer and closer to announcing the names of candidates for the most important positions,” Djilas said at a press conference before the session of the Belgrade City Assembly, where the budget for next year was on the agenda. “As you know, our idea is to appoint non-partisan personalities for the highest positions,” Djilas said.

“As far as I can see, the government and Aleksandar Vučić are waiting for the opposition to say who will be the presidential candidate so that he can announce whether he will run again, since a real poll shows that Vučić is doing very badly. Right now, 56 percent of citizens would vote for the opposition in Belgrade and 44 percent for the ruling party,” Djilas said.

“At the national level, the ruling party and the opposition are almost equal, with the SNS having slightly stronger voter support. But in three or four months things will change if we have the right candidates. Belgrade and Serbia will celebrate on 3 April,” Djilas concluded.

(Nedeljnik, 21.12.2021)

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