Djilas: Belgrade is deteriorating because of lack of investments

The Alliance of Serbia deputy at the Belgrade Assembly, Dragan Djilas reminded that the investment budget of the City of Belgrade, in the period from 2008 to 2013, was 250 million euro, and that last year it amounted to only 76 million euro, which explains why the city’s public services are not functioning properly.

“If you invest in the city only 76 million euro compared to 250 million euro, of course, things do not work properly,” Djilas said ahead of the session of the city assembly at which deputies are due to discuss the balance sheet of the city’s budget.

“We can see from the numbers in the balance sheet that the city government spent 327 million dinars last year on raising awareness about environmental protection, which is around 3 million euro.  I am wondering where is the rest of the money,” Djilas said.

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He also said that half of Novi Beograd was flooded in the recent heavy rains because the pumping stations Gazela and Galovica did not work.

“According to the city government, the pumps did not work because there was no electricity. Each pumping station has two separate power systems each station, and the aggregates were purchased at the time when I was the mayor,” Djilas said and added:” There was no reason for them not to work unless they were not properly maintained.”

“Of course that nobody is denying that the weather has been severe recently, but we have had very heavy rains earlier too and sometimes we had flooding in the areas that are below the river level, but never in Novi Beograd,” he concluded.

Djilas went on to say that, when he was mayor, 91km of water supply grid was built and 98km was reconstructed, while 58km of sewerage grid was built too.

Jovanovic: 42% of the promises given by the SNS was not fulfilled

The head of the Alliance of Serbia’s caucus at the Belgrade Assembly, Nikola Jovanovic said some items were removed from the Assembly’s session agenda such as the plan for detailed regulation of the Banovo Brdo neighbourhood according to which the half of the yard and the children’s playground that belong to the Sveti Sava nursery will be taken away from them and given to “construction mafia”.

“Obviously, there are normal people working for the city administration, but we demand the resignation of the city secretary Slavko Gak. We objected to him regarding this issue and he responded by saying that we did not know the law and that we were not normal,” Jovanovic added.

“The city budget’s statement of accounts shows that 12 billion dinars of planned expenditures were not executed in the past year, but a lot of money has been spent on gifts and running costs,” Jovanovic warned.

Only 58% of the planned investments have been realized, which, as he said, means that 42% of the promises given by the Serbian Progressive Party were not fulfilled.

“A total of 313 million dinars was allocated to the maintenance of rain drainage but the statement of accounts does not show how this money was spent, because there are no auditing reports although that’s a legal obligation,” Jovanovic added.

(N1, 25.06.2019)

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