Djilas asks Vucic about PKB:”Why was no-one indicted after seven years?”

Responding to the allegations made by Aleksandar Vucic that in the case of the Belgrade Agricultural Cooperation (PKB) there “was a rampant corruption when (Dragan) Djilas was in power”, one of the founders of the Alliance for Serbia, Dragan Djilas, asked the president of the state why, in the last seven years, no criminal charges were filed regarding the alleged corruption, which is a criminal offence, and why was no-one convicted for it.

Djilas also said that, during this term in the office as Belgrade mayor, PKB recorded an increase in income.

In response to Insajder’s questions about  PKB, Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, said that there had been corruption, “not only during Djilas’s term in the office, when PKB was literally looted, but there were also attempts at acquiring the company without proper tendering procedure” .

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He underlined that he enjoyed the support from all state institutions, including the Fiscal Council, in resolving the problem.

“They support me because we had people who we incapable of doing their job properly or who stole a lot in the previous period, which resulted in huge losses in PKB and state spending a great deal of money to compensate for those losses. There were attempts at corruption not only during Djilas’ term in the office, when PKB was looted, but even after, when various companies wanted to acquire PKB without a proper tender offering 80, 90 million. They insisted that a Serbian company takes over PKB but we said “no” to that and informed them that they had to compete via tender”, Vucic added.

In response to this, Djilas asked Vucic why then nobody raised charges since corruption was a serious criminal offence.

“The answer is very simple: because Aleksandar Vucic is not telling the truth, because at that time PKB had a professional management that managed to increase the company’s revenue from 34 to 60 million euro with the EBITDA of 22%. After my term as mayor, PKB was managed by people like Dragoljub Simonovic, who was also appointed director of the Railways of Serbia and is publicly known as the mastermind behind an attempted murder of the journalist in Grocka. When they took over PKB, the revenue declined to 30 million euro”, Djilas said.

He also stated that the sale of the combine “7 juli” in Surcin, where it is claimed, the agreed price of hectares was 12,000 euros, was also confirmed by the same Al Dahra in 2013.

Speaking of Al Dahra, the UAE-based company that is the new owner of PKB, Djilas reminds that when it acquired the land of the Serbian company, 7. Juli from Surcin, it paid 12,000 euro per hectare.

“When they acquired the land owned by PKB, they paid only 4,000 euro per hectare,” Djilas added. “After government changes, PKB’s land will be returned to the state of Serbia, and everyone involved in this embezzlement will be prosecuted in accordance with the law,” Djilas concluded.

(Nedeljnik, 27.01.2019)



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