Djilas appeals to government to abolish May Day curfew, Obradovic invites citizens to stand against tyranny

The leader of the Freedom and Justice Party (Stranka Slobode i Pravde), Dragan Djilas today called on the government to withdraw a decision imposing an 83-hour quarantine next weekend for May Day holidays.

“I urge you to withdraw the measure of imprisoning six million people for four days. I urge you to give up the idea of making Serbia the biggest dungeon in Europe, “Djilas said in his appeal.

He also urged the government to lay down rules that everyone will abide by during the May Day holidays and after them, which will help preserve the health and dignity of the population.

Djilas estimated that the price paid by the citizens for “incompetence, arrogance, madness, ignorance and lies” of the authorities was huge and stated that the citizens would “never forget it”.

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“You want to close us again for more than 80 hours while telling us that the virus is under control, that the victory (over the pandemic) is at our grasp,” Djilas said in a written statement, adding that there was no reason for Serbia to be “the only country in Europe to be closed for one weekend,  and especially not four days. “

The Serbian government announced on Sunday that the curfew will extend from Thursday, April 30 at 6 pm to Monday, May 4 at 5.00.

The leader of the Dveri Movement, Bosko Obradovic invited people in Serbia to stand against “the tyranny” and express their dissatisfaction with the Serbian government by making a lot of noise as a sign of protest, each night at 8:05 pm.

He also invited and the opposition MPs and leaders of the united Serbian opposition to stage a protest on Thursday at 6 pm in front of the National Assembly.

“It is up to the united Serbian opposition to raise its voice in the coming days and to respond to the constitutional, parliamentary and democratic crisis,” Obradovic said.

(Danas, Glas Zapadne Srbije, 27.04.2020)



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