DJB protests in front of Parliament against rigged elections

About a hundred members and supporters of the Enough is Enough (Dosta je Bilo – DJB) movement protested in front of the Serbian parliament on Sunday night, expressing dissatisfaction over what they said was election fraud.

The DJB contested the results of the June 21 parliamentary and local elections at a number of polling stations, claiming that the voting records were falsified.  

DJB leader Sasa Radulovic told the crowd that the protest was not being organized to violently overthrow the authorities but was a demand to annul the vote and call fresh elections. He accused the authorities of “falsifying the elections” and of gathering voter signatures for all the parties that fielded candidates.  

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Under Serbian election law, parties and coalitions have to have the support of 10,000 voters to be able to register for elections. A majority of the opposition boycotted the elections, claiming that they would not be legitimate unless all parties stood in them.

There were allegations of the ruling coalition parties helping the opposition parties that stood in the elections collect the required number of signatures.  

Radulovic said that the central election commission (RIK) rejected every DJB objection launching what he called “legal violence” and causing the DJB to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

He also invited the citizens to participate in today’s protest, scheduled for this morning at nine o’clock in front of the National Parliament.

(Blic, 02.08.2020)

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