DJB: ‘For Germany and the EU, Serbia is a place to use their environmentally harmful technologies’

The Dosta je Bilo (DJB) movement has said that for the EU and Germany, Serbia is an excellent source of cheap labour and “a place for dirty technologies with which they can do everything they cannot do at home”. “Because of that, the EU and German companies continue to support the current Serbian government,” the DJB adds.

The movement argues that lithium in the Jadar River Valley is of crucial importance for the German automotive industry, as they will start producing electric cars as of 2026, and assessed that Germany and the EU will continue to support the current government in Serbia, because they need an obedient government and Serbia as it is today.

Also, by allowing the German and other EU companies to use their dirty technologies here, the Serbian government has an “excellent negotiating position” to secure political support from Germany and the EU, and instead of using it for the benefit of Serbia, better environmental protection or higher mineral rent, it “trades this position for political support”.

The DJB movement has also said that lithium is a strategic raw material used in the production of batteries for electric cars, which today account for 3.5% of the car market. In 10 years, however, this percentage will be 10 times higher and it is expected that 30% of cars sold will be electric.

“Europe practically does not mine lithium at the moment, although Portugal, Germany and other countries have lithium deposits, because the technology used in mining lithium is dirty and very harmful to the environment. Lithium is currently mined mainly in Australia (almost 45%), followed by Chile (30%) China and Argentina (10% each). The Jadar Valley lithium is expected to account for more than 60% of the lithium from Europe,” DJB adds.

(Novi Magazin, 10.08.2021)


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