Divorce rate in Serbia stands at 30%

32,821 marriages were concluded in Serbia last year, which is a minimal increase compared to the year before.

The average age of the groom was 34.1 years and the bride’s age was 31.1 years. The most common are ethnically homogenous marriages, that is, those concluded by spouses of the same nationality. Also, in more than 68 percent of cases, spouses have the same level of education.

In the same period, 9,813 marriages were divorced, which is also slightly more than in the previous year. The average age of the husband at the time of divorce was 45.1 years, and the average age of the wife was 41.5. The average duration of a divorced marriage was 13.8 years and in slightly more than half of the cases, the couples have children. After the divorce, the mother was given custody of children in 67.9 percent of cases.

The divorce rate is the highest in Vojvodina and the lowest in Šumadija and Western Serbia.

Between the two censuses, that is, in the period from 2011 to 2022, the number of people who were married in our country decreased by 4 percent. The highest number of unmarried people live in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The highest number of divorces was recorded in 2019 – 10,899.

(021.rs, 28.01.2024)


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