Dittmann, Manzo and Western Balkans Summit in Trieste

Italy supports united Europe and the enlargement process – said today the Italian Ambassador to Serbia, Giuseppe Manzo at the meeting dedicated to the Western Balkan Leaders Summit that will take place in Trieste, on 12th July, under the framework of the Berlin Process.

The German Ambassador to Serbia, Axel Dittmann said that Germany was fully supportive of Serbia on its path towards the EU membership, and underlined that it was Serbia’s strategic determination to join the EU because one third of the country’s external trade is carried out with the EU countries.

“We fully support Serbia on its path”, said Dittmann while highlighting the importance of regional cooperation under the auspices of the Berlin Process. He went on to say that the Berlin Process was not an alternative to the individual EU accession path of each Western Balkan country.

The German Ambassador added that the meeting between the Western Balkan leaders and the EU’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini was very important to ascertain how willing Balkan countries are to cooperate ahead of the Trieste summit on 12th July.

The Italian Ambassador, Giuseppe Manzo underlined that Italy strongly supported united Europe and the enlargement process, adding that that was a very important strategic project that would secure peace and progress.

He also said that the Trieste summit would be an opportunity to promote the environment of trust since there were new leaders in the region that were about to make their first decision in that capacity following the summit.

The Italian Ambassador also looks forward to the validation of the infrastructure projects in Trieste, namely the ones in the field of energy and transportation.

He added that the business forum in Trieste would be dedicated to small and medium enterprises since they are the backbone of the region. Also, there will be an anti-corruption seminar. Speaking about the idea of the Western Balkan countries establishing a secretariat of chambers of commerce, Mr. Manzo said that Italy was completely supportive of that idea and the economic integration of the Balkan countries.

(Blic, 30.05.2017)




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