Discrepancy between education and labour market

The current situation in the labour market shows a discrepancy between real labour needs and preferences of young people when enrolling in college.

The results of the recent research conducted by the Startuj website clearly show that there is a certain mismatch between vacancies at universities in Serbia and the demand for certain professions in the labour market.

Students are most attracted to the IT sector

The largest number of vacancies at universities across the country this year was at IT faculties. As many as 6,997 future freshmen applied for the impressive 4,328 vacant places. This indicates a great interest in the IT sector, but also a shortage of IT personnel on the market. Also, there is less interest in traditional faculties among high school graduates.

In the first term, the University of Belgrade recorded the largest number of vacancies at the Faculty of Agriculture, Mining and Geology and Forestry. At the Faculty of Agriculture, for example, there are 421 vacancies out of a total of 790 available places, while at the Faculty of Mining and Geology and the Faculty of Forestry, there are 200 and 192 vacancies, respectively.

Also, it is noted that majors such as psychology, dentistry, pharmacy, medicine and graphic design are the most sought after. On average, three high school graduates compete for one free place in these majors.

Data on vacancies at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation, the Faculty of Teacher Education and the Faculty of Geography also show that future freshmen are less interested in these studies.

In addition to them, the fewest high school graduates enrolled in the Faculty of Physical Chemistry, the Faculty of Physics and the Technical Faculty in Bor.

The most sought-after professions in the labour market

The situation in the labour market reveals a different picture in relation to the preferences of young people when enrolling in college. According to data from the Startuj.com website, the most sought-after occupations in Serbia are in the following fields:

– Retail and sales;

– IT;

– Mechanical engineering;

– Administration and

– Hospitality industry.

The research also showed that “it is peculiar that IT professions are still in short supply, although the number of IT students is growing and it is much easier for them to find jobs and internships.”

The research also states that salaries in the IT industry for beginners exceed the average salaries for junior positions in other fields.

“The data collated by HelloWorld.rs shows is that IT juniors earn between 800 and 1,000 euros on average”, the research noted.

(Biznis i Finansije, 14.07.2023)


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