Direktna Banka finalizes acquisition of Piraeus Bank

Direktna Banka, based in Kragujevac, has completed the integration process of Piraeus Bank Belgrade over the weekend, thus expanding its operations and strengthening its position in the banking market.

“This merger considerably boosts our sales network, our product and service offer and the value of the total assets of Direktna Banka. Furthermore, our presence in the important economic centres in Serbia has been strengthened and the further expansion of the bank’s operations in towns it hasn’t been present in before, such as Cacak, Valjevo and Vrsac, has been ensured”, Direktna Banka’s press release says.

Direktna Banka has also realized a profit and growth in all segments of its operations, with the total net profit at the end of the third quarter of 2018 amounted to RSD 1.72 billion.

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“With an increase in the number of our clients by over 50%, to more than 133,000, the bank has also doubled its market share thanks to this merger, whereas the value of the total assets amounts to over RSD 63.37 billion”, the press release says.

Direktna Banka’s network now consists of 47 branch offices and 106 ATMs. The bank, they add, has also considerably increased the number of employees, so a team of 640 of banking professionals is now available to clients.

Direktna Banka says that it will continue upgrading its offer of products and services in the upcoming period by digitalizing its services, where most banking transactions will be carried out through advanced online apps and services.

A further development of innovative banking solutions remains the bank’s priority, they add.

(Krstarica, 29.10.2018)



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