Director of Monument Protection Institute resigns over Army General Staff building

Director of the Serbian Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments Dubravka Djukanovic resigned after she was told to remove the protected status from the former Yugoslav military HQ in Belgrade, the so-called General Staff building, or to resign.

“The Director of the Serbian Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Dr Dubravka Djukanovic, was summoned on Saturday by the Ministry of Economy for a meeting chaired by Finance Minister Sinisa Mali. At the meeting, she was told that she must either remove the protection from the General Staff building or resign. She was given until Monday to think about it, but she resigned immediately,” a source confirmed.

The Ministry of Culture received her resignation on Wednesday, while the appointment of a person willing to do whatever is necessary to remove the status of protected cultural property from the General Staff building should be appointed to this position on Thursday, Novi Magazin reports.

The Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure said that Minister Goran Vesic signed on May 15, on behalf of the Serbian Government, an “Agreement on Revitalization of the Complex of the Former Federal Secretariat for National Defense,” the so-called General Staff building in central Belgrade, with the company Affinity Global Development.

“The Serbian Government has chosen a reputable American company as a partner in this venture, which will invest in the revitalization of the former Federal Secretariat for National Defense complex,” said Vesic.

A day later, The New York Times reported that the Serbian Government approved a contract with Jared Kushner which stipulates plans to build a luxury hotel on the site of the former Serbian Army HQ in Belgrade. The article added that Kushner is pursuing the $500 million hotel project in partnership with Richard Grenell, Trump’s former special envoy for Serbia and Kosovo.

(, 05.06.2024)

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