Đilas:”Real opposition will not partake in Belgrade election on June 2nd”

The President of the Freedom and Justice Party (SSP), Dragan Đilas, and the President of the New Democratic Party of Serbia (New DSS), Miloš Jovanović, said that the “real opposition parties” would not participate in the new Belgrade election on June 2.

Đilas, whose party SSP is part of the Serbia Against Violence coalition, added that that the election conditions have not changed and that the opposition has tried everything – from talks with the authorities to submitting appeals to the Constitutional Court – to change them.

“The ODIHR recommendations clearly state that, in order to have elections that are as fair as possible, changes should be made sufficiently in advance, and that they should be based on a broader political consensus. Do we have a broader political consensus? No, we don’t”, he added.

According to him, the opposition asked for talks three weeks ago and was invited to do so only on April 1st.  New Belgrade elections were called only two days after that meeting.

“Those parties who constitute real opposition will not participate in such elections and that will be our act of defiance,” said the SSP leader.

Đilas also stated that the opposition will “do everything to change the election conditions” and added that he expects citizens to support them in this.

The president of Nova DSS, Miloš Jovanović, who is part of the NADA coalition, stated that “what will transpire on June 2nd will not be an election.”

“We will not have elections on June 2. Rather it’s the government’s simulation of an election. It is a mistake to call it an election”, said Jovanović and added that “not even minimum conditions for fair and honest elections have been met”, as well as that Serbia hadn’t had fair elections since 2016.

(Insajder, 07.04.2024)





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