Đilas urges other opposition coalitions to withdraw their election candidate lists

Leader of the opposition Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) Dragan Djilas said instead of commenting on everything that is happening regarding election candidate lists, he “calls on all opposition parties to be reasonable and show responsibility toward the citizens.”

Djilas called on the opposition to withdraw its lists of candidates for the June 2 elections because it is clear that “even the minimal conditions for the holding of a legal electoral process have not been created.”

“Let’s leave Vucic’s and Nestorovic’s lists to stand in the elections alone – no one can recognize such elections. Let’s secure victory for Belgrade and other cities in Serbia by fighting for electoral conditions for all future elections and for all future generations,” said Djilas, adding:

“Let’s eliminate mutual barriers and vanities and achieve a historic victory that will mean the end of (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic’s regime.”

The election commission in the Novi Beograd municipality overturned its May 12 decision to reject the opposition We Choose Novi Beograd list of candidates.

At the same time, complaints against the submitted opposition lists in Belgrade’s central municipalities of Vračar and Stari Grad have been withdrawn.

Belgrade mayoral candidate of the Go-Change initiative Savo Manojlovic said Tuesday that he would withdraw from the elections and organize a complete blockade of the electoral process on June 2 if city election commissions refuse to accept his We Choose Belgrade list in all city municipalities.

(NIN.rs, 15.05.2024)


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