Đilas asks Europe for help to defeat Vucic

One of the opposition politicians and head of the Alliance of Serbia (SzS), Dragan Djilas believes that with the support of Europe, elections could be held again in Serbia at which, as he says, people will be able to express their opinion freely, and would defeat Vucic.

According to Djilas, only political parties that are helmed by Milosevic’s protégée, Ivica Dacic and Seselj’s protégée, Vucic have parliamentary seats and this says a lot about the state of democracy in the country.

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In his interview for the Croatian daily, Vecernji List, Djilas says that Aleksandar Vucic points to him “as the main culprit for all the bad things in Serbia”, and adds that it is difficult to live in a country where his children are bullied at school and their father is called a thief, and his wife is verbally attacked in the street while being called “a whore” and “a bitch”.

According to Djilas, the lies about him are told by the President, his collaborators and almost all the media. As far as the last elections are concerned, he says there is no point in talking about turnout in such blatantly bad electoral conditions rife with pressure, theft of votes, and the absence of proper supervisers in 80% of the polling stations. Djilas estimates that the turnout was 40%, the lowest in 20 years.

Finally, Djilas is satisfied with the attitude of the international community, because three parliamentary groups in the European Parliament have supported the Serbian opposition’s request to send teams of experts to assess the situation in the field of media and the rule of law in Serbia.

(Blic, 26.07.2020)



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