Diklić:”Rise of European right would not suit Serbia”

In an interview for Novi Magazin, Radomir Diklić, journalist, former ambassador, director of the Beta news agency and the new president of the European Movement in Serbia (EPuS), talks about the reasons for the decline in support for EU accession in Serbia, media portrayal of the United States as an enemy and Russia an ally, the elections for the European Parliament, the rise of the political right in Europe and the impact of that trend on Serbia.

According to the latest research, only 40% of people in Serbia support the country’s accession to the EU.

At the same time as support for Serbia’s accession to the EU is falling, support for Russia is growing and the United States is viewed as an enemy. What are the main reasons for this?

The main reason for this is the regime’s constant propaganda which portrays America as the enemy, the Russians as our brothers and irreplaceable friends and claims the imminent collapse of the European Union which allegedly, has lost its concept and is siding with America and against us. If you ask the average Serb who they like in international politics, they will say Russia. Also, if you ask them where they would prefer their children to study, most of them would say “Europe”. When you ask business people with whom they do business the most, it turns out it’s Europe. When you ask who gives us the biggest financial assistance, it is the European Union again, but not by providing loans with extremely low interest rates. People are completely confused and the current government uses this state of confusion in every way to fuel this schizophrenic situation.

You have a good insight into the current political situation in France. Although the next elections in France are in three years, the elections in the EU are imminent. President Emmanuel Macron’s party has just over 15 percent support among the French people. There is a similar trend in some other EU Member States. In this sense, what do you expect from the elections for the European Parliament?

There are serious concerns that the extreme right will gain significant strength in the European Parliament. Although I don’t think that that will happen, because once the election comes, an average voter in a democratic country will think a little differently and be mindful of the consequences of their vote. Macron said that he believes, and this is probably based on some research, that the extreme right will not win many votes because that would be quite disastrous for the European Union, not to mention that the rise of the right-wing would make it very difficult for any Western Balkan country to join the European Union.

How do you explain the rise of the right-wing in Europe?

First of all, it’s a result of EU citizens’ fearing mass immigration, which the extreme right uses to create an atmosphere that the EU is “to blame” for this and that it should close its borders. Furthermore, there is an economic crisis in some of the countries, plus the war in Ukraine. All this creates fertile ground for the rise of the right which claims that the EU should act harshly, be uncompromising and close its borders. It is a claustrophobic, very arrogant and aggressive policy towards everyone who is not the same as us, to quote them.

How will that affect the situation in today’s Serbia?

If that happens, and I hope it won’t, it can affect the situation in Serbia by making it more difficult for us to access the EU. I think that would be disastrous for us in the current geopolitical situation. Therefore, it is necessary to follow very carefully what will happen during the election of the European Parliament and how it will all develop after that. It is not in Serbia’s best interest for the European right to rise. However, I think that the rise of the right in Europe will suit the current regime because it fits into their strategy of spreading fear and pushing the narrative “only we can save you and everyone else is dangerous”, as well as that Russia is our saviour and that the current regime will keep Serbia free, while at the same time, they are borrowing money left and right and plunging country deeper into debt.

(Novi Magazin, 05.06.2024)


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