Digital green certificates now available at Belgrade airport and post offices around the country

People in Serbia can now get their digital green certificate at the post office at Terminal 1 at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla airport.

As of tomorrow, Wednesday, 2nd June, the service will be available at 200 post offices in the country, the Serbian Post Office announced.

The digital green certificate is a document that confirms that its holder has been vaccinated or it contains the results of COVID-19 tests or confirmation that the certificate holder has recovered from the disease.

In order to obtain the certificate, a person needs to have a valid passport. The procedure from submitting the application to issuing the document takes only a few minutes and is free of charge.

“By issuing the digital green certificate, the Serbian Post Office is continuing to implement its key objectives – raising the quality of its services, expanding the range of services it offers and Acting Director of the Serbian Postal Services, Zoran Đorđević, said for Tanjug news agency.

The list of post offices that can issue the digital green certificate is available on the official website of the Serbian Post Office. In addition to this service, both Serbian nationals and foreigners can buy a health insurance policy at Nikola Tesla Airport’s post office.

(Politika, 31.05.2021)

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