Digital development: Serbia advertisement is still in 2008

When it comes to digital development, Serbia is still in the year 2008, while Great Britain is in 2022 – said a Google expert, Jonathan Francis at the Digital Day conference in Belgrade.

“Serbian users spend more time consuming digital media content than their counterparts in Great Britain – 12 minutes or 10% more time a day. However, your advertisers don’t seem to recognize that. Serbs spend 25% of their time on consumption of digital media content, while advertisers spend only 11% of their budgets on this media format”, Francis warns.

In the United Kingdom, advertisers spend 100 times more money on these media, although British users spend 27% less time on consuming digital media than people in Serbia.

“I talked to people from your country who claim that Serbia is not digital. My response to that is that Serbia is very digital because your citizens spend more time on digital media than the global average. The problem is that the companies, which advertise in the media, simply don’t recognize that. Advertisers are now faced with a choice – to advertise where the people are, or where people used to be”, Francis underlines.

The conference, aimed at digital media professionals, takes place in Belgrade. The main topic of the conference is connected shoppers.

(Blic, 16.05.2017)

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