Dialogue in Brussels continues

As a result of the dialogue between official Belgrade and Pristina, that took place in Brussels yesterday, it was agreed that all problems between the two sides should be resolved in peace, while respecting each other and guaranteeing the safety of citizens.

This is what the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vucic said after the trilateral meeting with Hashim Thaci and the EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, who met for the first time since 23rd March.

President Vucic underlined that this agreement will be respected by both parties and that it sends an important message to the Serbs living in Kosovo, but also to all Serbian citizens because “there are issues that we do not have solutions to.”

The Serbian President also said that several other matters important for the Serbs from Kosovo have been resolved without going into more detail about them, which are not going to improve the position of Pristina or worse Serbia’s position in the dialogue.

“We also talked about an attempt to focus on dialogue, for the two nations and people to start showing respect towards each other. I am not an optimist, but we have opened those issues,” said Vucic.

Speaking about the possibilities of finally reaching a compromise solution, he said it is necessary for all major powers to be involved, because finding solution is impossible without them. The Serbian President added the Serbian and Albanian people agree with a compromise because “no one can do it without it being painful, but also without good things happening for both nations.”

He also pointed out that Belgrade is fighting through the dialogue to „gain something instead of nothing“.

“A compromise solution will be significant for us because today we have nothing and we did not get anything in 1999, 2004, and 2008, and then the same thing was repeated in 2010 and 2011. Serbia’s policy must be more responsible than the one from the 1990s and 2000s,” Vucic said.

Speaking of possible reactions of the people in Serbia, he said that chauvinists would probably claim that someone’s interests had been betrayed, and the people from the “civil sector” would claim that “everything was just and that no progress had been made”.

“This is going somewhere, and we have secured peace for our people,” Vucic said.

The president of Serbia also announced that he would address the public at the national television when “we have a chance to make some kind of compromise solution”. He repeated that he would not put his signature to any solution until “the people (of Serbia) decide whether they agree with it or not”.

“The EU representatives Europe will now be coming more often come to Belgrade, and their visit is not always going to be public. Also, we are going to spend more time in Brussels”, Vucic said and added that yesterday’s talks and the EU representatives were very concrete and were focused on finding a rational way of directing dialogue in the future.

(Politika, 24.06.2018)



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