DFC’s office in Belgrade will benefit the economy of the entire region

It has been officially confirmed that the United States International Development Finance (DFC) will open an office in Belgrade, which according to experts, will result in increase in the American investments in the country and the Balkan region.

The US investments have been moderate so far, but this new step could lead to a breakthrough.

The United States is also not among the top ten countries from which the majority of direct investments in Serbia come. According to data collated by the National Bank of Serbia, 72.2 million euro of foreign direct investments (FDI) came to Serbia from US companies in 2018. Although it is a significant figure, it is far lower than, for example, France, from which some 710 million euro worth of FDI came, or the Netherlands (434 million euro).

However, the figure is not complete, considering that a large number of American companies have branches in Europe from which they invest, which are therefore registered as FDI originating from European countries.

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If we look at external trade, for example, the United States ranks 20th in terms of the value of exports from Serbia. In 2018, the value of Serbia’s total import from the United States stood at 468 million US dollars, while Serbian exports to the United States were 265 million; the total value of trade between Serbia and the United States in 2018 was 733 million US dollars.

However, analysts confirm that there are more and more American investors in Serbia year-on-year and their contribution through production, exports and employment is increasing.

“According to American sources, the total investments of American companies in Serbia have amounted to nearly 4 billion US dollars,” said Marko Cadez, president of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

As economist Ivan Nikolic explained, the opening of the DFC’s office in Belgrade could practically mean a turning point in the level of American investments in Serbia and the Balkans.

“In previous years, we have had many larger investments from the US, but more in terms of acquiring existing companies than opening new ones. The main investments came from Europe and China, while America, the largest economy in the world, is not yet so economically present here; this step could somehow lead to a turnaround, “Nikolic underlined.

(Blic, 07.08.2020)



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