Despite expats returning to Serbia, the country still lacks workforce

Serbian authorities want Serbs living abroad to come back to their homeland because in addition to the ever-decreasing population, Serbia is also facing a lack of qualified labour – the Serbian Minister for Family Care and Demography said at the Kopaonik Business Forum.

The relevant World Bank statistics show that close to 60,000 people leave the country every year and that in the last 20 years, 14 percent of the population left the country.

“The last census shows that the 65+ population segment is growing in numbers and these are people that are no longer active in the labour market. There is a strong deficit in the number of available able-bodied workers. Although it is paradoxical to note that a lot of young people are looking for work, and yet we lack workforce,” says Milica Vesković Anđelković, professor at the Faculty of Philosophy.

“There is a great lack of tradesmen of all profiles, predominantly construction workers. We also need more nurses, doctors, electrical and mechanical engineers, and of course IT experts,” says Miloš Turinski from Infostud.

There are not enough qualified workers, while according to the statistical office, almost 290,000 people are unemployed.

“In the last hundred days, 21,000 expats have returned to Serbia from the countries of the region, Europe, and even from Canada. As wages and opportunities increase in Serbia, people are returning, but we still do not have enough workforce,” said President Aleksandar Vučić in February.

(N1, 06.03.2024)

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