Đerlek: ‘Decision on the best Covid-pass format to be made this week’

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mirsad Đerlek, has said that the decision on the introduction of Covid passes is expected to be made soon once the government’s Crisis Response Team meets this week.

“The best format of Covid passes will be chosen at the meeting. We are talking about Covid passes for bars, cafes and nightclubs and a few other types of establishments. The point is to choose what format will best serve to control of the epidemic,” Đerlek underlined.

He added that Serbia was following Europe’s footsteps in this matter, but also underlined that Serbia is an independent democratic country, which makes its own decisions. “We will implement only quality solutions in accordance with our Constitution,” he noted.

Đerlek also said that epidemiological measures were the best thing in the fight against the virus until the emergence of the vaccine and that now more effort should be invested into increasing the number of vaccinated persons as the vaccine is the most powerful weapon in the fight against COVID.

“Currently, about three million first doses were administered in Serbia, while close to 502,000 people have been inoculated with the third dose. This is far from what we want and that is collective immunity, but it is important to go ahead and not stop,” Đerlek concludes.

(Nova, 27.09.2021)



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