Dental tourism increasingly popular in Serbia

Although dental tourists make up less than 1% of the total number of tourists in Subotica, this type of health tourism is becoming increasingly in the city in the north of the province of Vojvodina.

Some of it should be attributed to the private dental practice NorDent that has been working with patients from all over the world for over ten years.

Dental services in Serbia are up to five times cheaper than in Western Europe, while quality is at the same level. A patient in Serbia will pay three times less for the same dental surgery than the patient in Italy, while the Norwegians will pay up to five times less.

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More than a decade ago, the Subotica-based dental clinic started treating dental patients from Scandinavia, with patients from all over the world, including North America, now coming here for a treatment. The price in itself is not the only reason why they decide to come to Subotica.

“Of course, the quality of dental services is an important factor in addition to providing all other dental procedures. Of course, we are very mindful of the hygiene too. These are all factors that make the patients pick our clinic”, says Igor Masic, the Clinic’s marketing director.

The number of dental tourists is still low compared to the total number of health tourists, but the number of overnight stays is ten times higher, as dental tourists in Subotica for an average of six days. During that time, they have an organized transfer to Subotica, accommodation in a hotel where the dental clinic is also located, and a specially adapted diet. They can also enjoy in rehabilitation services and sightsee in Subotica and Palic.

“Whatever our patients need in terms of dental treatments, we are here to help them. When the entire dental treatment is completed, patients are taken to the airport from which they fly to their respective countries”, says Sandra Jakovcevic, the Clinic’s patient coordinator.

The feedback the clinic gets is very good. Patients are satisfied with the received dental treatments, but also with quality time spent in Subotica. They are the best recommendation for the further development of dental tourism in both Subotica and Serbia.

(eKapija, 08.06.2018)

 Photo Credits:”RTV (Kristijan Takac)”



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