Demostat survey: “80% of people in Serbia against sanctions imposed to Russia”

The Demostat Research Centre said on Wednesday that about a third of Serbians want to join the European Union with 51 percent opposed and that 80% of the polled citizens are against Serbia imposing sanctions against Russia.

According to the Demostat poll, 34 percent of people in Serbia would vote “yes” at a referendum on joining the EU, 51 percent would vote “no” and 17 percent think some concessions should be made to advance towards membership, a presentation of the results was told.

The poll also showed that 58 percent do not think Serbia should align its policies with the EU compared to 33 percent who think it should. A large percentage (40%) think Serbia should side with one of the two global blocks while 37 percent said it should not side with anyone. Demostat’s Srecko Mihajlovic said that 81 percent of the polled want Serbia to maintain neutrality and 80 percent think it should not impose sanctions on Russia.

The poll of 1,203 people showed that 46 percent trust President Aleksandar Vucic while former presidential candidate Zdravko Ponos and the National Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic had the trust of six percent each while 27 percent said they don’t trust any politician.

If parliamentary elections were to take place next week and the parties ran independently, not in coalitions, most voters would vote for the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS). Mihajlovic said that nearly half of people in Serbia (48 percent) favour the SNS party, 10 percent the Freedom and Justice Party, 9 percent the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), 6 percent the Democratic Party of Serbia, 4 percent each Moramo and Dveri coalition of parties, and 13 percent other political parties.

Demostat’s Zoran Panovic said that, according to the survey, Russian President Vladimir Putin enjoys the support of 45 percent of people in Serbia, recalling that Vucic won major support for himself by invoking Putin’s name.

The poll showed that Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency member Milorad Dodik is the second most popular Serb politician.

(Politika, 29.06.2022)



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