Demostat: Serbia more tolerant towards Muslims and Jews than other CIE countries

People in Serbia have a higher level of tolerance for Jews and Muslims than other nations in Central and Eastern Europe, the Demostat website said on Tuesday citing data from a poll conducted by the US Pew Research Center.

The poll covered 56,000 adults in 34 countries between 2015 and 2017.  

Demostat said that the poll results show that Serbia falls in the middle in Europe in terms of attitudes towards Jews and Muslims, with a greater level of tolerance. According to the poll, 43 percent of people in Serbia said they would accept Muslims into their families while 61 percent they would accept Jews.

The division between the countries in attitudes and values can be extreme in some cases. For example, in almost every surveyed country in Central and Eastern Europe, less than half of adults say they would be prepared to accept Muslims as part of their family. On the other hand, in almost every West European country, more than half of the respondents said they would accept Muslims in their family. The similar stance applies to accept Jews as family members.

Armenians were least tolerant when it came to accepting Muslims as family members. Only 7 percent of Armenians say they would accept Muslims as members of their family, and just over 28 percent of them would accept Jews as family members.

Compared with Western Europeans, fewer people in Central and Eastern Europe would support same-sex marriages, or allow the definition of nationality to include people born outside their own country, Demostat reports.

A total of 78 percent of the polled Serbs said that „true Serbs“ are Orthodox Christians and that attitude puts Serbia at third place on the list of countries with a low tolerance for other religions.

The poll also showed that 65 per cent of Serbs believe that their nation is better and more important than others.

Furthermore, it showed that 83 percent of people in Serbia are opposed to same-sex marriages and that 63 percent support abortion as the legal right of women.

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