Demostat: Serbia exports to the EU the most

According to the data collated by the Serbian Statistics Office (RZS), in the first nine months of this year, 59.5% of Serbia’s external trade was with the European Union – Demostat reports.

As of October, the Serbian economy, despite the complex circumstances, managed to increase the export of goods by 7.2%, while at the same time, imports fell by 4.3%.

Germany is the largest export market for goods from Serbia. Exports to Germany amounted to EUR 3.6 billion, followed by exports to Bosnia and Herzegovina of 1.67 billion, Italy of 1.5 billion, Hungary of 1.4 billion and Romania EUR 1.27 billion.

On the other hand, Serbia also imported the most from Germany with imports worth EUR 4 billion, followed by China at 3.7 billion, Italy at 2.2 billion, Turkey at 1.4 billion and Russia at 1.39 billion euros.

Serbia achieves the largest surplus in mutual trade with Montenegro, to which it primarily exports electricity and medicines and imports electricity and dried meat.

Serbia also has a trading surplus with some of the EU countries, namely Romania, Slovakia, Croatia, Sweden, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary, but also with Great Britain, Moldova and North Macedonia.

Serbia has recorded a deficit in trading with China, mostly due to the import of phones and laptops, but also with Turkey, Italy, Iraq, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Austria, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Greece.

(eKapija, 25.12.2023)

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