Demostat: If united, the opposition could win election in Belgrade

If they unite, Serbia’s opposition parties stand a chance of winning in the Belgrade elections next spring, a Demostat survey has shown.

A similar situation was in 1996 when the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) made up of 18 parties and movements won city and local elections across the country, initiating the fall of the 10-year rule of the Socialist Pary od Serbia (SNS).

The survey involved 1,200 Belgrade residents and it was conducted in early October.

The poll showed that 31 percent of the voters in the capital would support the ruling coalition of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) and SPS.

The same percentage of the polled would vote for the opposition, the Demostat Centre said.

Srecko Mihailovic from the Demostat, said that 17 percent of the survey participants were undecided or refused to say who would they vote for, while 21 percent said there was no party or coalition which was capable of solving the problems in Belgrade.

Mihailovic add the poll showed the most opposition voters would support the group made of the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP), the Democratic Party (DS), the People’s Party and the Free Citizens’ Movement with 14 percent of the votes.

The Ne Davimo Beograd movement and a couple of ecological movements would get 7 percent of votes.

(Nova, 26.10.2021)




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