Democratic Party to decide soon about election boycott – Most members against

The Democratic Party (DS) will decide in the next two days whether it’s going to boycott the next parliamentary elections.

According to the Kurir daily, most party members area against boycotting the election. A source from the Democratic Party has revealed that the Democrats fear that not participating in the next elections could mean the end of the party.

“We are a parliamentary party, the DS deputies speak daily in the National Assembly about the abuses of the ruling coalition; we are now visible but if we boycott the election, we won’t be visible any longer. We are stuck, we are in a bad financial situation and if we decide in favour of the boycott, we will lose the right to be present in the municipal offices. Dragan Djilas is personally lobbying and putting pressure on some of the members to boycott the election (as will his party) and his influence on the president of the DS, Zoran Lutovac is strong. However, we are against anybody pressuring us,” the source added.

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On the other hand, Dragoljub Mićunović and Vida Ognjenović, both prominent members of the DS, believe that the party should consider boycotts as an option, not a goal.

In addition, another member of parliament from the Democratic Party, Radoslav Milojičić Kena, says that “anyone who wants to boycott the elections will be serving Serbia to Vučić on a silver platter for the next four years and kills democracy”.

“We have seen what the leaders of the Alliance for Serbia (SZS), who did not participate in the elections, have achieved in (the recent local election) in Medvedja: the turnout was still 67%. The majority of the coalition, which wants to boycott the elections, has no parliamentary representatives, and therefore cannot be compared to the Democratic Party, which has councillors in 100 towns and cities,” Milojčić added.

Another MEP from the Democratic Party, Balša Božović points out that the Democratic Party will meet with the party of Boris Tadić and Nebojša Zelenović soon to decide on the boycott.

“I expect a quality debate. I think that, at the moment, participating in the election is impossible for us, but I think that the boycott should not be a goal. Boycotting is an option, but the goal is to have free and fair elections,” concluded Božović.

(RTV, 12.09.2019)



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