Democratic Party calls for the dissolution of the current government crisis unit

The Health Committee of the Democratic Party (DS) has urged the Serbian government to immediately disband the crisis unit that decides on the measures against the coronavirus epidemic and form a new team that can manage the crisis caused by the new pandemic professionally and without the political influence.

According to the same Committee, citizens no longer trust the current crisis unit, first because it protected the interests of the government more than the health of citizens, but also because of inconsistencies in the proposals, interpretation and implementation of measures to combat the virus.

Recalling that there are also doubts about the accuracy of the data on the extent of the epidemic, the Democrats proposed seven measures which should be implemented immediately after the dissolution of the crisis unit and the formation of a new one.

These include the urgent procurement of a sufficient number of PCR tests, the expansion of tests, less use of unreliable rapid tests and expediting the work of laboratories.

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The DS also proposes that the media should constantly report where COVID clinics are located and where people can be treated for other diseases, announce whether and how collective immunity can be strengthened, and encourage the medical staff leading the fight against the epidemic.

The measures implemented by the current crisis unit were decided on the basis of a completely inadequate initial reaction to the virus, and were overly restrictive, rife with human rights violations in various sections of the population.

There has also been great confusion in the treatment people suffering from other illnesses, which has not yet been resolved, and the result will be enormous consequences for chronic patients, the DS conclude.

(Nedeljnik, 19.07.2020)



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