Demand for IT staff in decline – mediors most wanted

The number of job ads for IT positions in the first quarter of 2023 was 50 percent lower compared to the same period last year, according to the latest data from the website

This surprised many market observers, considering that the previous year was marked by high demand for IT professionals and the industry’s rapid growth.

 A more detailed analysis shows that in 2023, a smaller number of senior IT experts were advertised relative to last year, while mediors are now the most in demand.

In the first quarter, as much as 64 percent of all ads advertised medior positions, 18 percent senior positions and 15 percent junior positions. Compared to last year, the share of ads for seniors decreased by five percent, while the share of ads for juniors increased by seven percent.

As for the most in-demand positions in 2023, software developers occupy the first place, followed by IT help desk/support position, system administrator/engineer, frontend developer and devops system administrator/engineer-

Software developers are still the highest-paid IT professionals this year.

In terms of programming languages, JavaScript is the most in-demand, while SQL, Git, Linux and Agile also rank high on the list.

Analysis of the site also showed that a significant number of women are looking for an IT job, i.e. every fourth candidate is a woman.

(, 25.04.2023)


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