Delta Holding interested in acquiring Sava Centre

Delta Holding is interested in buying Sava Centre in Belgrade, says the company’s vice president, Zivorad Vasic.

“Serbia lacks facilities for congress tourism. We used to have an elite facility, Sava Centre in which no money has been invested for the past 40 years and which substantially deteriorated over time. Sava Centre now needs a thorough reconstruction. The City of Belgrade has decided to sell Sava Centre through a tendering procedure and Delta Holding is absolutely interested in taking part in that tender,” Vasic said.

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He said that, in addition to the facade, the electrical installations needed to be replaced, the venues needed to be equipped in a modern fashion, the ventilation and air conditioning had to be replaced and the facility required new furniture.

Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Goran Vesic recently announced that the tendering procedure for the sale of Sava Centre would be launched very soon.

“The Belgrade government will ask the future owner of Sava Centre to use the facility for predominantly congress-related activities, since the Centre is protected by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments of Belgrade. This means that the new owner would not be allowed to change the basic purpose of the facility. Also, they will be required to invest at least EUR 40 million in its reconstruction,” Deputy Mayor underlined.

Both Delta Holding and the consortium consisting of Nikola Tesla Airport, Energoprojekt and the Belgrade Fair sent their bids following the launch of the first tender for the selection of a company that would manage Sava Centre in line with the PPP format, but there were no bids in the second round of the tender.

At the second tender, Delta was the only company to submit a bid, which was, however, deemed unsatisfactory.

It has been estimated that Sava Centre, along with the surrounding land, is worth EUR 108 million.

(Danas, 07.11.2019)



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