Delhaize starts charging for plastic bags, other supermarkets could follow suit

Delhaize Serbia will start charging for plastic bags in its Shop&Go stores next week. Beginning with 16th April, plastic bags will cost two dinars per bag.

“By doing so, we want to reduce the use of plastic bags, which pollute our environment, and make our neighborhood cleaner and prettier”, says the company’s website.

Customers at Shop&Go, whose bills exceed RSD 1,000, will get free cotton bags until 15th April, that is, until the stores run out of stock. Delhaize has 170 Shop&Go stores in Serbia.

Nikola Papak, Corporate Communications Manager at Delhaize Srbija, said earlier that the company “is ready to launch the initiative and make a contribution to the preservation of the environment in Serbia together with its customers”.

“There are various modalities, and one of the most efficient one is to charge for plastic bags. The experiences in other markets show that this model is indeed the most efficient, as it reduces the use of plastic bags by as much as 80%”, Papak adds.

On average, each person in Serbia uses seven plastic bags a day, with two billion are thrown away in Serbia each year.

The Mercator S retail chain, under which IDEA, Roda and Mercator operate, has previously confirmed to Tanjug that they were considering taking steps to reduce the use of plastic bags, which is also the EU directive, for environmental purposes.

The European Commission has adopted a strategy according to which Serbia has to limit the use of plastic bags to 90 bags per year per capita by the end of 2019 as a measure for reducing environmental pollution.

(Nova Ekonomija, Vecernje Novosti, eKapija, 10.04.2018)


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