Defence: Weapons from Belarus and pressures from NATO

Members of the Serbian Parliament’s Defence and Internal Affairs Committee reported to their Russian counterparts that Belgrade was feeling pressure from NATO to join the Alliance, as stated by the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Committee on International Affairs, Andrei Klimov, on 24th November, RIA Novosti reports.

“The Serbs are now under unprecedented pressure; today, in a conversation with members of their Defence and Internal Affairs Committee, they assured us that there was a very strong pressure to to join NATO. This contradicts the official statements we always hear from NATO structures that [they], supposedly, do not force anyone to come to [them], but that people themselves come, and [NATO] cannot refuse them,” Klimov said.

He noted that this is not the first time that, during conversations with regional partners, it becomes clear that “they [NATO] are literally trying to cram this military organization.”

According to a parliamentary resolution from 2007, Serbia adheres to neutrality in its military alliances.

In March next year, Serbian and Belarus president, Aleksandar Vucic and Alexander Lukashenko respectively, are due to sign an agreement stipulating Serbia purchasing four S-400 anti-aircraft systems and six MiG29s.

“Serbian army is definitely getting the latest weapons, and the entire deal with Belarus is a done deal. Once the S-400s and MiG29s are purchased, Serbia will have the top army in the region”, an unnamed source said for the Serbian daily, Alo.

The official Minsk will deliver these weapons under terms and conditions that are much more favourable than the current market ones, the daily says.

(UA Wire, B92, 26.11.2017)

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