Declining unemployment in 2017

Director of the Serbian National Employment Office, Zoran Martinovic says that there are currently 617,000 unemployed persons registered with the Office, and that the unemployment rate stands at 12.9%.

The average unemployment rate in 2016 was 15.3%, and in 2015, 17.7%. “We have just collated the data for the third quarter of this year. We expect the data for the last quarter to show unemployment rate of between 13% and 14%”, Martinovic added.

Since February this year, the number of unemployed persons in Serbia has been continuously declining, i.e. there 75,000 fewer unemployed people than in the same period last year. Martinovic said that workers with high school education are most successful in finding a job, adding that employers wanted the workers to have transferrable skills and know-how rather than a certain diploma.

“There are a lot of new jobs in textile industry. Also, caretakers, security workers, locksmiths, butchers, and bakers are very much in demand, i.e. people with particular skills”, Martinovic underlined.

Other professions that are in demand with employers are ICT professionals, electronics engineers, electrical engineering engineers, Physics and Mathematics teachers, as well as German language teachers. Also, doctors, pharmacists, lawyers and economists are constantly in demand.

Martinovic also said that a total of 3.65 billion dinars were allocated for the National Employment Office in the 2018 budget, in addition to 550 million dinars for unemployed people with disabilities which is enough money to implement all the projects planned for 2018.

(Novi Magazin, 27.12.2017)


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