Dean of Faculty of Organizational Sciences decides that Minister Mali’s PhD thesis is not plagiarized

The dean of the Faculty of Organisational Sciences (FON), Milija Suknović, has withdrawn the decision to revoke the doctorate of the Minister of Finance, Siniša Mali, on the grounds of plagiarism. The latest analysis showed that 90% of the doctoral thesis had technical shortcomings, as claimed by the Minister himself.

By deciding that the doctoral thesis was not plagiarism, but that there are some technical deficiencies, the dean has effectively annulled the Belgrade University Senate’s decision.

The legal experts who analysed the case are shocked by the procedure conducted, but especially by the Senate’s decisions, and share the view that the Minister will have its doctorate accepted.

If we ignore the fact that regulations that have retroactive validity are applied here, contrary to the Republic of Serbia’s Constitution, then we cannot ignore the fact that, in this obviously flawed procedure, it was determined that the doctoral thesis itself was not flawed which means that Minister Mali would be given doctor of science title.

(B92, 14.09.2021)





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