Deadline for submission of bids for acquisition of Port of Novi Sad extended again

The Ministry of Economy of Serbia has once again extended the deadline for the submission of bids for the tendering procedure for the sale of a 99.4% share in the Port of Novi Sad at the initial price of around EUR 15.98 million.

The earlier tender for submitting bids was October 22nd and the opening of the submitted bids was set for October 24th.

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The new submission deadline is November 21st, and the opening of the bids is scheduled for November 23rd. Companies eligible to bid are those that have been continuously performing port activities in the past ten years, with at least EUR 30 million of generated revenue in 2017 and the reloading quantity of 1.4 million tonnes in each of the past three years.

The Port of Novi Sad is the only port in Serbia where the state is the majority owner. It reloads around a million tonnes of goods a year, and its capacities exceed 2.5 million tonnes. Around 150 people currently work at the company. The Government of Serbia believes that some of the world’s most reputable companies from the port business will submit their bids, such as Dubai Port World from the United Arab Emirates, Germany’s Renus and the American group Valona. Twelve companies and investors responded to the previous call for submission of letters of interest for the privatization of the Port of Novi Sad.

The Ministry of Economy says that they expect the new owner not to lay off any workers, to invest in restoration of the Port’s capacities and that their investment would exceed 14 million euro, which would be supervised by the Port Agency.

(Vecernje Novosti, 22.10.2018)


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