Deadline for submission of applications for bicycle vouchers starts

With the support of the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade, the Urban Log Association has launched a Public Call for submission of applications for subsidies for the purchase of bicycles as an environmentally friendly means of transport under the name “Kupi Bajs”.

The deadline for submission of subsidy applications starts today.

All individuals of legal age who have a valid ID card with residence in the administrative territory of the city of Belgrade at the time of submission of the application and who have not previously used the voucher are entitled to the voucher for the purchase of a bicycle.

The total funds allocated to support the purchase of bicycles for the year 2022 amount to seven million dinars. Subsidies in the amount of 5,000 dinars will be given to the first 1,400 citizens who used the voucher downloaded through the application found at .

Individuals who submitted an application via the application will receive a personalized voucher sent to the e-mail address they entered in the application and can use it in the next 15 days or until all 1,400 vouchers are spent up.

Only new bicycles can be bought this way, domestically or internationally manufactured, which use pedals or have an electric drive.

(, 15.08.2022)


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