Deadline for completion of central bus station in Belgrade not met again

The construction of the Central Bus Station in Belgrade has been going on for years, and although the outgoing Belgrade mayor, Aleksandar Šapić, announced that the new station will be commissioned in January 2024, the construction site in Novi Beograd’s Block 42, which is the station’s new location, is still active.

On November 7th, Šapić gave a public promise that the station will become operational in January 2024. At that time, he also said that during the initial phase only bus terminals will be used, while the building itself will be finished at a later date.  

Serbian Finance Minister, Siniša Mali, has now set a new deadline for completion, who said that the station should become operational by April this year the latest.  The relocation of the central bus station has been going on for seven years, with the relevant contract between the Belgrade Bus Company (BAS) and Belgrade government signed in 2017, when the groundbreaking ceremony also took place. The initial plan was for the station to become operational in 2019.

(, 01.02.2024)

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