Darko Rundek to perform in concert on 23rd and 24rd August at the Botanical Garden

After a two-and-a-half-year break, Darko Rundek and his band will return to Belgrade on 23 and 24 August for two concerts at the Botanical Garden (Botanicka Basta), one of the city’s most beautiful outdoor spaces, where they will promote their current album ‘Brisani Prostor’.

The Botanical Garden is a Belgrade gem with over 1,300 species of outdoor plants, including old elms, impressive species from the Caucasus, gigantic oaks, ancient redwood species, bushes from the Himalayas and beautiful specimens of spruce.

The venue is quite fitting for Rundek’s concert, who is one of the most ecologically-minded musicians in the region and beyond, and is constantly warning everyone about the many forms of destruction of nature that still exist. He also advocates a vegetarian diet while fighting against the use of plastic bags, the excessive cutting of trees and the destruction of mountain rivers as a result of the construction of mini hydroelectric power stations.

In keeping with his environmentally friendly views, there will be no disposable plastic cups at the Rundek concert rather the durable ones.

(City Magazine, 07.07.2021)



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