Darija Kisić Tepavčević’s brother’s company wins EUR 5.4 million public tender

In the space of just two and a half months, the Ministry of Health has awarded four contracts to the Nites Company, which is linked to Bojan Kisić, brother of Labour Minister Darija Kisić Tepavčević.

Nites was awarded the contracts, worth some 5.4 million euros, in a consortium with Telekom Srbija and Medit.

Bojan Kisić, brother of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy Darija Kisić Tepavčević and husband of the former Minister of Justice Nela Kuburović, is the executive director of the Czech company Nites Group, which also includes the Belgrade branch. Nites won four tenders between 26 May and late July, with a total value of 635,100,000 dinars or around 5.4 million euros.

The company participated in these tenders as part of a group of bidders that also included Telekom Serbia and the Medit Company. Apart from them, no one else took part in the tender launched by the Ministry of Health. This is not unusual in Serbia, but it is against the law, since the client, in this case, the Ministry, is obliged to ensure that several different bidders take part in a tender.

These three companies last signed a contract with the Ministry on 30 July and will work on the E-bolovanje platform. Telekom, despite being the leader of the consortium, will perform only 3% of the work envisaged by the tender, while Nites and Medit have taken on 48.5% of the obligations. The consortium will earn a total of 164.2 million dinars or about 1.4 million euros.

Nites, together with Telekom and Medit, won another in a tender on 26 May, also from the Ministry of Health. As before, the consortium was the only bidder. It will earn 94.2 million dinars or about 800,000 euros for maintaining the IZIS (electronic prescription subsystem). Telekom will do only 6% of the work envisaged by the tender.

On the same day, the same group of bidders was awarded the project titled “the expansion of the national medical platform for prevention and diagnostics” for 133.5 million dinars, or approximately 1.1 million euros.

A further EUR 1.16 million will be spent on maintaining the national medical platform for preventive diagnostics. Telekom was the only bidder in these projects, and its share is also negligible. The contract was signed on 18 May. The Ministry of Health will pay approximately EUR 5.4 million for this job, and the above-mentioned consortium will receive just over EUR 4.4 million (excluding VAT) for services performed.

(Nova, 09.09.2021)


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