Darija Kisić Tepavčević’s brother’s company awarded a 1.5-million-euro-contract by Serbian Post Office

The companies Nites and Signal MG from Belgrade have been commissioned to develop and implement the e-notar platform, after winning the tender launched by the Serbian Post Office.

As Nova Ekonomija writes, the deal is worth 172.9 million dinars (VAT included), or about 1.5 million euros; the price of the service with calculated tax is not indicated.

Bojan Kisić, brother of Minister of Labour, Darija Kisić Tepavčević, occupies one of the leading positions in the Nites Company.

In the public procurement procedure, the only other company that took part in the tender is the public enterprise Informatika from Novi Sad, but their bid was rejected because it did not meet all terms and conditions of the tender.

The selected companies have to provide two storage devices, four servers, four software licenses, as well as develop the e-notar platform, WEB, iOS and Android applications. The e-notar platform entails an information system for the secure storage of documentation from notary public’s offices.

(021.rs, 07.02.2022)



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