‘Dara iz Jasenovca’ is a Serbian candidate for the Oscar

‘Dara iz Jasenovca’ (Dara from Jasenovac), directed by Predrag Antonijevic, will be Serbia’s candidate at the 93rd Oscar in the best international film category, a selection commission has said on Monday.

“The film is an emotionally powerful drama dealing with historical trauma while nurturing respect for the victims. The theme is vitally important, painful and traumatic, while the film escaped the trap of reawakening the ghosts of the past because it does not have political discourse. Tragic circumstances are not presented in the context of a general crime, but the tragedy is personalised. The crime has its name and surname, so the film does not deal with numbers and commonplaces, but individual destinies, thus creating a very suggestive picture of the tragedy. It took great courage of the entire team to make a film about such a delicate topic,” the commission said.

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Jasenovac was a concentration camp established in Croatia by the authorities of the Nazi-puppet Independent State of Croatia (NDH) during World War II. Thousands of Jews, Serbs, Roma and Croats disloyal to the Ustasha regime were brutally killed in the camp.

“Through the destiny of entire families, the film shows the strength of an ordinary person’s will, as well as the enormous love and humanity in circumstances that are difficult to imagine. Appreciating above all the quality of the film, and having in mind the importance of the topic it deals with, the commission is very pleased to recommend the film ‘Dara iz Jasenovca’ as Serbia’s candidate for the Oscar,” the commission said.

(Vecernje Novosti, 30.11.2020)



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