Dance troupe ‘Una Saga Serbica’ to perform at Kombank Arena on December 6

Dance troupe ‘Una Saga Serbica’ will give an exciting performance at Belgrade’s Kombank Dvorana on December 6.

Inspired by the beauty of the Balkans, its history, heritage and culture, many artists have created a temporal void from which a new tradition is born through plays, music, authentic costumes and scenarios.

Their mission is for future generations to continue to cultivate the culture of folklore and it is through this show that the heritage of local dance will be brought closer to the contemporary audiences.

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By connecting steps, words, notes, colours and people, this dance company creates a new point of view on the culture of the people in this region and thus demonstrates, in a unique way, all the beauty of the time, past and present.

‘Una Saga Serbica’ is a troupe that nourishes the unique character of the original folklore but updates it with new formations, created of young professional dancers who reflect and feed the rhythmic art using 3D mapping technology that, in a truly unique way, connects dance and visual experience.

(Blic, 26.10.2019)


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