Dačić: “We will reach an agreement on the government-opposition dialogue in a week”

Next week, the Speaker of the Assembly of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, will meet with President of the Foreign Policy Committee of the European Parliament, David McAllister, regarding the continuation, dynamics, topics and participants in the inter-party dialogue, Beta news agency reported on Sunday.

He announced that the recommendations of the OSCE’s ODIHR mission will be respected in the next elections, but that all decisions will still be made by the Government of Serbia.

Speaking at the RTS TV, Dacic said that this is a continuation of the process that was agreed with the previous Assembly Speaker, Maja Gojkovic, when they agreed that the dialogue would continue after the elections.

Dacic rejected the criticism that the opposition is waiting for his call adding that only Dveri addressed him on this matter, while some opposition parties, as he said, „are preparing their positions and notifying the European Parliament“.

„If someone understands the dialogue as the wishes and greetings of the listeners or expects that it will bring them a transitional government, they are on the wrong path,“ said Dacic.

The government is ready for dialogue, and it has already shown it in the previous term, but as Dacic says, some political parties do not want to sit at the same table and some will not even sit with the representatives of the EU.

“Dialogue and discussions should carried on with everyone, regardless of whether they are in favour of the EU or not, because we are discussion electoral conditions. There is no magic wand and an empty bag cannot stand on its own – certain politics must be in place in order to win elections,” Dacic concluded.

(RTS, 17.01.2021)



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