Dacic: “Serbia is fighting to protect the Brussels Agreement”

The Serbian Foreign Minister, Ivica Dacic, said that the masks should fall and that it should be finally acknowledged whether the Brussels agreement exists or not. If the USA and the EU cannot come to an end with (Albin) Kurti, then it is either their impotence or their tactic consensus, Dacic pointed out.

The Serbian Foreign Minister also said that he signed the Brussels Agreement when he was Prime Minister. “We have to see, after nine years of refusing, to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities and whether anyone is thinking of implementing the Brussels Agreement, because that’s why we signed it”, said  Dacic in a statement for Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS).

According to him, Serbia is not a party in the conflict and is fighting for the protection of the Brussels Agreement.

When asked if the West will be able to exert pressure on Pristina, the head of Serbian diplomacy underlined that he does not know if they can pressure Pristina, but that no one in Serbia believes that they cannot. “If the USA and the EU cannot deal with Kurti, then it is either their impotence or their tactic consensus”, said Dacic.

Dacic also told the European Union that it is their obligation to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities (SZO).” The EU is obligated to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities, not only Kurti’s. Catherine Ashton signed the agreement”, noted Dacic.

Commenting on the Serbs leaving Kosovo’s institutions, Dacic said that that was a historic decision and that he supported it. “We should not justify whether it was made in agreement with Belgrade or not. The whole world can make decisions about Kosovo and Metohija, but Belgrade cannot. This is the decision of the Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija”, said the head of Serbian diplomacy, adding that Pristina thinks that they have anaesthetized the Serbs and that they are about to accept independence.

“We will do everything to preserve the peace”

Speaking about the removal of uniforms by the policemen in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, Dacic said that no Kosovo Albanian ever worked in the state institutions in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, neither policemen, nor judges, nor prosecutors, and that the agreement is that they should be Serbs, but if the Community of Serbian Municipalities (SZO) does not exist, the Serbs must look for another way of organizing themselves.

“We would like this situation to last as short as possible. We will do everything to preserve the peace, to protest peacefully, this is a kind of resistance because Pristina does not want to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities”, explained Dacic.

He noted that it is necessary to respect Resolution 1244.

“Either they will behave in accordance with Resolution 1244 or they will say openly that they are on the side of Pristina. We have to be clear about that. The historical pendulum is starting to swing the other way,” noted Dacic.

He asked Pristina what the Serbs would do in its institutions if Pristina does not want to cooperate with them.

“They say Ukraine, Spain and other countries have rights on their entire territory, only Serbia does not have those rights. In order for the Serbs to return to the institutions, we know what Pristina and the EU need to do”, said Dacic.

Commenting on the possibility of Pristina applying for EU membership, Dacic said that they are free to do so.

“They want to force the EU to vote for them. It is a move that has no chance of succeeding because five EU countries have not recognized Kosovo’s independence”, said Dacic, adding that he is taking the issue seriously and has already scheduled several meetings to discuss it.

(RTS, 07.11.2022)


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